AIFO India Team

AIFO's team in India comprises of well trained medical professionals, enthusiastic & dedicated individuals of society with vast experience in community service.

Dr Jose Manikkathan

Dr Jose (PhD) leads the AIFO team with experience from 30 years of Community service and involvement with AIFO India since 1998

Dr.Jose has been Director of AIFO India since 2001. He holds a Ph.D in Sociology and is a pioneer in the disability and rehabilitation sector. Having worked in the development sector for over 30 years, Dr. Jose is leading the battle for leprosy eradication working in several capacities including national and international leadership positions, as an expert facilitator for CSOs working in the public health space, as a research lead and as a consultant for monitoring and evaluation.

Dr Manimozhi Natarajan

Medical Deputy Director
Dr Mani (MBBS), is an expert in the field of Leprosy with over 35 years of on field/ community healing . Leading the Leprosy Health programs since 2001

Dr. Manimozhi Natarajan, Head Medical Coordination for Leprosy Programs, and National NLEP ( National Leprosy Eradication Program) consultant working directly with the Central Leprosy Division, Government Of India. Starting in 1984, Dr.Manimozhi has devoted over three decades of his life to leprosy work, easing the pain and suffering of countless individuals across the country. Manimozhi graduated from Karnool Medical College with an MBBS. He holds several certifications and diplomas in Health Education and Public Health such as a Diploma in Health Education from AIIHPH and a Certificate in epidemiology from John Hopkins University in Baltimore. Dr. Manimozhi has worked at various levels including medical officer, researcher and scientist. He has been recognized and awarded nationally and international for his work in the field of leprosy. Notably, he is the winner of the International award Raoul Follereau, the Manohar Diwan Award and more recently recognized by been recognized by Sumanahalli for his commitment to leprosy work.

Dr Jayanth Kumar YB

Deputy Director, Programmes
Equipped with 30 years of experience and a PhD, Dr Jayanth has been a part of AIFO India since 2000

Dr.Jayanth is Head of Programs at AIFO India, where he manages AIFO India’s community based rehabilitation work with our network 17 partners across 10 states of India. He holds a Ph.D in sociology and a diploma in community health management , as well as completing an international CBR managers course. Dr.Jayanth completed his schooling from the Sri Ramana Maharishi School for the Blind and his higher education in a regular college despite being a visually impaired person. He has published several research papers and coauthored several national and international studies on disability, CBR and inclusive development. Being differently abled himself, Dr.Jayanth always wanted to give back to the community, challenge perceptions about disability and uplift the lives of those coming from backgrounds of poverty, vulnerability, disability and disease.

Patrick A Kempu

Deputy Director, Finance & Administration
With a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, Patrick has 40 years of experience with several organisations and has been with AIFO India since 2001

Patrick A Kempu, is Head of Finance and Administration at AIFO India, where he has been working for over a decade. He Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Mysore. Mr. Patrick has held numerous positions in the field of Finance and Accounting working for several prestigious and respected firms including Bennet Colman Group – Times of India and Bharath Earth Movers, a Government of India Enterprise. Mr. Patrick is an accomplished musician and singer and trains young musicians in his free time

Dr Reymon Roy Lanong

Medical Coordinator
A doctor (MBBS) with 37 years of experience, Dr Reymon has been associated with AIFO India since 2010


Dr. Reymon Roy Lanong is North East Coordinator for AIFO India. He holds an MBBS as well as a Diploma in Hospital Administration. Prior to joining AIFO India, Dr. Lanong worked with the Meghalaya State Government Service starting in 1979 and retired as Joint Director of Health Services after holding several posts including Zonal leprosy officers and state leprosy officer. During his distinguished career he has authored, published and presented several papers in India and globally. Mr. Lanong has also completed several certificate course included Certificate course in Family Planning, Leadership Course and several trainings under the National Leprosy Eradication Program. Dr. Lanong is also a resource person for RTI after undergoing training by Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration, a program funded by the UNDP. He is also the state nodal officer and facilitator for Pandemic training. Dr. Lanong was also member of the Joint Monitoring Mission NLEP of the State of Tamil Nadu, group leader for the mid – term evaluation for the State of Uttar Pradesh ( participated in the capacity of a temporary advisor to the WHO) and as an evaluator for post LCDC evaluation of the Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. Dr.Lanong is passionate about leprosy eradication and wants to make a positive impact through the use of his extensive experience and skills.