Disability Inclusion

AIFO India’s community-based inclusive development approach has four key areas of focus :

  • Early intervention and rehabilitation
  • Promoting mainstream education amongst children with disability
  • Ensuring livelihood opportunities among youngsters and
  • Promoting self-help groups and disabled people’s organisations

To achieve this, we work with partner NGOs and enable them to conduct screening camps, provide rehabilitation services and assistive devices, integrate children into mainstream schools, train various community stakeholders and promote livelihood activities.

I believe anything is possible, and the future is full of possibility.

'When I was 10 years old, no one wanted to play with me in school. Children laughed at my leg and they didn’t understand me.

'Today I can ride a bicycle and a motor bike. I am surrounded by love thanks to AIFO, my family and friends. I am inspired by Ira Singhal and I want to serve my countrymen, particularly others with disabilities ! '

Ponnupoina Nageshwar Rao was born with a crippled leg, the middle child in his family. His parents initially focused on educating his able bodied brothers believing that education would be of no use to him.

AIFO’s help in providing study materials, funding as well as counselling to his family ensured that Ponnupoina got a chance to pursue his education. Ponnupoina’s will to have a normal life made him teach himself how to ride a bicycle and eventually as an adult even ride a motor bike. This was not an easy task and took him years to master. Ponnupoina, passed his 10th and 12th grade examinations and went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in commerce.

Ponnupoina, says that it is only because of the support of AIFO, his family and his optimistic outlook that he has achieved so much.