Did You Know?


Causes TRAGIC consequences

​​​​​​​Is a 5000 year old disease STILL affecting individuals Socially, Physically and Financially

With OVER 100,000 children and adults affected each year, INDIA has 60% of the World's Leprosy incidence ​​​​​​

AIFO India works to create awareness about Leprosy for early detection, provide treatment reaching remote isolated
villages and tribal areas, stop the spread of Leprosy and support initiatives to rebuild lives.

AIFO India works with the National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) at Centre, State, District levels, along with Partners and NGOs. Our activites include,

  • Planning, Joint monitoring and evaluation exercises along with the Central Leprosy Division and WHO
  • Sponsoring and conducting Regional State Leprosy Officers Review meetings – along with International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations partners
  • Prevention, control, treatment and rehabilitation of persons affected with leprosy, in integrated health care setting
  • Support for Training (Capacity Building) and Research activities
  • Provision of technical expertise in managing complicated cases
  • Publication of Scientific and Technical materials


Manjunath was affected by Leprosy at the age of 16. The earliest signs were pale patches on his chest and legs. It progressed to deformities in the foot and claw fingers on his hand.

Family and community response was very bad when AIFO’s team assessed his Leprosy and referred him to the nearby government hospital for treatment. AIFO's Counselling and support with Leprosy care even at home helped Manjunath develop a positive outlook. He was able to get married and look forward to being independent.

Manjunath was further supported with candle making training and provided with a machine. This enabled him to earn ₹ 150 per day along with the help of his wife Sujatha, moving on to several orders from villages and different shops.

Manjunath has also received reconstructive surgery and looks forward to growing in his business .