Persons suffering from leprosy, people with disabilities and women are often excluded from the mainstream economy. We try to improve the lives of marginalised sections through a two-pronged approach: livelihoods’ training and supporting the creation of inclusive communities.

We promote new ways of achieving economic goals, so as to foster sustainable models which are widely and equitably shared.

AIFO India also aims to build women to be leaders from the leprosy affected communities living in tea gardens / rural areas along with socio-economic and health opportunities and access to entitlements and rights.

Running for inclusion

On December 15, 2019 the streets of Kolkata were filled with people of all might. ‘Elite’ international marathoners, the best of Indian runners, police teams, sex workers, people with disabilities, all participated at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K.

Six leprosy cured individuals along with family members and friends from Dhanbad was the significant contingent representing AIFO India. Happy to be part of a social event of any sort, people from the leprosy colony were delighted to share public space at an international event.

‘ 'It is an opportunity of a lifetime. People with a background of leprosy never get included to participate openly. Over 50 individuals were eager to be a part of the running event managing travel to Kolkata, food and expenses at a minimal cost but we were able to sponsor only a few ’ remarked Mr Shailander, community youth leader.

We hope this insight into the enthusiasm, spirit and struggles of people affected by leprosy - promotes the much awaited inclusion.